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Google Gets Transparent: Interview With John Brown, The Head of Publisher Policy

Google Gets Transparent: Interview With John Brown, The Head of Publisher Policy

At Pubcon 2015 in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to chat with John Brown, Head of Publisher Policy Communications at Google.

Brown’s position is a new role within Google that has been created to provide greater communication between Google and ad publishers. By Google’s own admission, the company could be doing a better job of being transparent to publishers about Google’s policies and how they are enforced. Brown’s job is to clear up any confusion publishers might have.

I started off by asking Brown what are some of the exact steps the company is taking to provide greater transparency to publishers. Hear his response in the video below:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

Coming from a publisher background himself, Brown said he’s able to share his unique insight with Google in order to facilitate better communication with other publishers.

  • In addition, Brown has also been communicating with publishers directly — both in person at conferences and online via the Inside AdSense blog.
  • Brown says the company also welcomes feedback from publishers, so if you see him at conferences you can go up and talk to him about AdSense.
  • Future of AdSense
    • 2016 will be “awesome”
    • Google will revisit publisher policies and how they are being communicated
    • Google will ensure that all sides are treated fairly, meeting the needs of both advertiser and publisher
  • To keep up with the latest in the world of AdSense, Brown recommends following the Inside AdSense blog, his personal Twitter (@AdManJayBee), and the AdSense UI.

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