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Google Searches Local

Google Inc. today announced the integration of local search results into with the availability of Google Local. This new feature enables users to find relevant local information with neighborhood business listings, maps, directions, and useful web pages.

Google Local represents the next step in local search technology. Now, users can search beyond traditional sources of local information, such as the yellow pages and local business listings,
to reach a greater diversity of local resources drawn from the web at large. This innovation demonstrates Google’s commitment to developing products that make it faster and easier for people to
search across diverse sources of information from a single search box.

“Google’s goal is to connect searchers with the information they need whether it’s half-way around the world or in their neighborhood,” said Sergey Brin, co-founder and President, Technology of Google Inc. “Google Local combines a wide array of sources including Google’s more than 4 billion web page index, to produce the deepest local search.”

Google Local search functionality is integrated into so relevant local information for specific keywords or locations is automatically presented to users at the top of search results pages.
When these results are available, they are marked by a small compass icon which, when clicked, connects users to a Google Local search results page.

Google searches its entire collection of web pages to pinpoint geographic information that is relevant to a user’s query. Google combines this information with comprehensive local business, map,
and service information drawn from a wide variety of U.S. databases such as the yellow pages and other sources. Today, Google Local connects users to U.S.-based local information. The company plans to include local information for international markets in the coming months.

Give Google Local a spin and please post your thoughts and comments below.

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Google Searches Local

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