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Google Search Will Soon Be Your New TV Guide

Google Search Will Soon Be Your New TV Guide

TV listings will soon be shown in Google search, an announcement made this week at the National Association of Broadcasters conference.

According to the announcement, Google will be adding air times for TV shows. That means when you search for a TV show, Google will be able to tell you when it will next be airing on TV. You can even specify your cable or satellite provider for more accurate and relevant results.

Google has long had the ability to surface information about which streaming services a TV show or movie could be found on; now Google is able to surface that information from your cable or satellite provider.

This will certainly present competition to the TV Guide-like websites that populate the front page whenever conducting a search for when a TV show will be on next. However, the benefit to searchers cannot be denied either.

The company says searches for TV shows and films on mobile are up than 55 percent over the past year. Google is on its way to becoming people’s one-stop location on the web for everything they need — even TV listings now. There’s no word on when the update will be rolling out, though the company says “soon”.


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