How to Combine Google Search with Twitter Search

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No one says Twitter search is better than Google; instead, it is different. You can’t compare them but you can combine them. This post looks into ways to check relevant Twitter updates while you are searching Google.

Twitter Search Results on Google: this script displays 5 most recent tweets based on your search query, giving both real-time Twitter search results and Google results on the same page:

Google + Twitter Greasemonkey plugin

WebMynd enables you to search a wealth of search platforms simultaneously with your Google search, by default: Twitter Search, Amazon, YouTube; but you can also add numerous other search options (e.g. Flickr, Wikipedia, Digg, LinkedIn, CNN, etc). Twitter search results appear right on Google’s results page in the right sidebar:

WebMynd Twitter search

Google Twitter integration script is a bit different; instead of showing the Twitter updates within Google SERPs, it adds a small link to Twitter search results based on your query:

Google Twitter integration

Update: one more recently launched great tool to combine Google, Twitter, Bing, Yahoo and EBay results: Search3

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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Ann Smarty
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  • Hugo at Zeta

    Thanks for the tips! Those scripts are definitely worth checking out.

  • onlyone-media

    Gut Text,

    thats very interessting with the Google search engine.


    Chris from Germany

  • Fábio Ricotta

    Amazing scripts… maybe we will see in future on Google.

  • Barry Welford

    Most intriguing, although I find my searching cycles on Google and on Twitter are different. They’re also covering different topics. So thanks, but no thanks, at least for me. 🙂

  • Mich D. aka @MichDdot

    I have been using the greasemonkey script for a week or so now, its quite useful. One you may like that is close to this is called search cloudlet add a tag cloud to twitter google & yahoo, its a firefox extension. Gr8 post as always Ann I’m becoming quiet the fan.

    Mich D.

  • Kimberley Le Sueur

    Thanks for the great post. Will be sharing it with everyone 🙂

  • Jaamit

    I’ve been using the first greasemonkey script for a few weeks now and I’ve got to say it’s brilliant – the twitter results are often irrelevant to what you’re searching, but also easily ignored in those cases. But occasionally you get to peek at some really useful tweets and links that you wouldn’t otherwise see in a regular search.

    Easy to see why google want to buy Twitter and how the two can integrate together! (The flipside of that will be adsense ads on twitter, which will be a huge cash cow for Google)

  • Si

    Cheers for the tips, some good scripts to try out, have been trialing the greasemonkey one and working well so far, very impressed

  • Use Yauba Instead

    No need to use any scripts whatsoever. I just use Yauba, which is essentially Google + Twitter Search + Privacy + Anonymizing Proxy

  • David Cooper

    Some fantastic information here! I like to learn new things. Thanks Ann!

  • adwords marekting

    Hey and Ann and Jaamit,

    But why would you bother combining twitter and google? As you say they are completely different, so why do the exercise at all? Even Jaamit comments that most of the time the twitter results are irrelevant. It could possibly on benefit on the rare case where twitter is breaking some news and google isn’t.

    I don’t think Google will be buying Twitter. I think Google is still trying leverage YouTube. I doubt they are that eager to purchase a Social Media website with a questionable revenue model. At least not until the economy turns around. It would be difficult to justify laying off workers and buying Twitter.

    Perhaps you need to consider not only how to combine them, but also why.

  • Subhankar Ray search combines Twitter results with normal organic results if you enter a question in the search box like ” who won the Superbowl today?”


    The beauty of integrating twitter into Google search is that you just never know what you are going to find.

    Which is why the first method is brilliant as it shows the twitter results on top of Google results everytime!

  • Twitter search

    you could also try searching from for side by side search results of google and twitter

  • Mark Cramer

    You might want to check out Surf Canyon ( We’ve enabled users to add Twitter, OneRiot, Amazon and eBay results, as well as many others, to their Google searches. It also works with Yahoo! and Bing. After installing the application you can customize the experience at We’d love to hear your feedback.