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Google Search Gets New Tools To Surface EV & Energy Info

Google enhances search to guide users toward electric vehicles and sustainable energy options.

  • Google adds more EV data like pricing and range estimates to search results.
  • An updated fuel cost calculator compares EV and gas costs.
  • A new feature provides home energy efficiency details in search results.

Google announced several updates to its search engine results pages (SERPs) that will provide more detailed information about electric vehicles (EVs) and home energy options.

These changes aim to help searchers make more informed and sustainable choices.

More EV Data In Search Results

Screenshot from:, October 2023.

For EV buyers, Google Search will display pricing, battery range, and government incentive data directly in the main search results.

When searching for specific EV models, you can compare numbers at a glance before clicking through to outside websites.

Visual Fuel Cost Calculator

Screenshot from:, October 2023.

An updated fuel cost calculator will allow side-by-side comparisons of charging an EV versus filling up a gas vehicle.

This calculator is already live in 21 countries.

Home Energy Insights

Screenshot from:, October 2023.

On the home energy front, Google will inject efficiency stats and rebate program details into heat pump and air conditioner search queries.

This provides household decision-makers with sustainability metrics without having to open additional tabs.

Leveraging Structured Data Markup

These enhancements leverage Google’s knowledge graph to pull structured data into the core search experience.

Structured data feeds directly into the knowledge graph, allowing Google to showcase specific details. So, leveraging schema provides an opportunity to get your EV or renewable energy content noticed by searchers looking to minimize their environmental impact.

For SEOs in the EV and home energy space, ensuring your business pages contain structured data markup for items like battery range, incentives, and efficiency ratings can help get your data included in these new search displays.

Producing helpful, comprehensive web content should be the priority, but using schema where appropriate gives Google more to work with.

Featured Image: Marian Weyo/Shutterstock

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Google Search Gets New Tools To Surface EV & Energy Info

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