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Google Search Console Begins Reporting on Review/Ratings Markup

Google is introducing a new report in Search Console for sites utilizing review or ratings markup.

When a site marks up its ratings or reviews with the appropriate structured data markup, it generates a featured snippet like the one shown below:

Review snippets can appear either directly in search results, or as part of a knowledge panel. As Google explains:

“A review snippet is a short excerpt of a review or a rating from a website, usually an average of the combined rating scores from many reviewers. This is one of the most used structured data types on the web, used by millions of web sites for many content types such as Book, Movie, Event, Product and more.”

Google’s new reports in Search Console are designed to help site owners with implementation of review markup. The reports will monitor whether the markup is implemented correctly, and track the performance of the rich results in search.

There are a total of three new features in Search Console all dedicated to reporting on review snippets:

  • Review snippet Enhancement report: See errors, warnings, and valid pages for reviews or ratings markup implemented on your site.

  • Review snippet appearance in Performance report: The Search Console Performance report now allows site owners to see how pages with review or ratings markup is performing Google Search and Discover.

  • Review snippet in Rich Results Test: After adding Review snippets structured data to your pages, you can test them using the Rich Results Test tool. You can test a code snippet or submit a URL of a page.

See more in Google’s official announcement.

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Google Search Console Begins Reporting on Review/Ratings Markup

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