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Google Announces Search Central Live Conference

Google announces live conference series called Search Central. The first conference is scheduled for November 24, 2022

Google Search Central Live

Google announced that their live search conferences are back, with the first event already scheduled for November 2022.

More conferences are promised to be held around the world and will be announced on Google’s Search Central Live page and on the official Search Central Twitter account.

Google promised:

“Before you buy your transcontinental plane ticket, keep in mind that we do plan to have more of these events in the future, and some might be closer to your base.

Stay tuned for these updates on the Search Central Live event page or on Twitter.”

Search Central Live

Google’s live conference series is called Search Central Live, a rebranding from the now retired Webmaster Conference name.

The first event is scheduled to be held in Singapore next month, Novemember 24, 2022.

Registration for a limited amount of seats is currently open until November 15th, with ticket confirmation set to begin on November 17.

Admission to the event is free.

What to Expect from Search Central Live

Search Central Live is expected to follow a similar format as the previous live conference events that Google hosted before the pandemic shut down live events.

The past events were exciting because people got to meet Googlers like Gary Illyes and listen to announcements and discussions about Google Search.

Highlights for the new events will be opportunities to learn how to improve search performance and if past events are indicative of these new ones then it may be possible to speak directly with Googlers and ask questions.

According to the official about page for the events:

“Learn from Googlers and industry experts, face to face

We invited Googlers and experts from around the world to speak about topics that you can use to enhance your website and its performance in Google’s search results. The speaker line up is different for each event depending on what topics are covered.

Check out the speaker line up for each event on the individual event site.”

According to Google:

“What can you expect from this event?

Basically the same things you got from our past events: lots of talks from Googlers and other speakers, lots of mingling with your fellow site owners and SEOs, maybe some fun activities.”

The first event is called, “Search Central Live Singapore 2022”

Google promises that new events will be announced soon. Given that the previous Webmaster Conference hosted events in over 15 countries, it’s entirely reasonable to expect that Search Central Live will also travel around the world.


Read the Official Announcement:

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Google Announces Search Central Live Conference

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