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Google Scrambles To Keep Up With AI-Powered Search Rivals

Google races to develop AI-powered search engine "Magi" amid rising competition and potential Samsung contract loss.

  • Bing's AI improvements increase pressure on Google's search dominance.
  • Google may lose its contract with Samsung, which could result in a loss of $3 billion in annual revenue.
  • Google is developing AI-powered search engine "Magi" to counter competition.

Google is reportedly rushing to develop a new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered search engine in response to threats from competitors like Microsoft’s Bing.

The New York Times reports this development comes as Samsung considers replacing Google with Bing as the default search engine on its devices.

Losing its position as the default search provider on Samsung devices could potentially affect Google’s $3 billion annual revenue from the Samsung contract.

Bing has gained industry attention since incorporating new AI technology, making it a more formidable competitor to Google’s search business.

With an additional $20 billion tied to a similar Apple contract set for renewal this year, Google is under pressure to innovate and maintain its dominance in the search engine market.

Google’s Magi Project

The New York Times says that Google is working on a new search engine that uses AI.

This future search engine, “Magi,” aims to provide a more customized and user-friendly experience.

Google hasn’t revealed an exact launch date for Magi.

AI Threats & Google’s Response

Google became worried about AI-powered competitors when OpenAI, partnering with Microsoft, revealed a chatbot called ChatGPT in November.

In response, Google formed a team to develop AI products for search.

Updating its search engine has become crucial for Google to protect its $162 billion search business.

Even though the Magi project will enhance the current search engine with new features, Google will still show ads in search results.

Ads are essential for Google’s revenue, and some think AI-powered search engines might make ads less helpful to users.

Magi’s Planned Rollout

Google intends to introduce Magi’s features to one million users initially. That number will gradually increase to 30 million users by the end of the year.

Magi will be accessible only in the United States.

Google is also working on other AI projects, like an image maker called “GIFI” and “Tivoli Tutor,” which helps people learn languages through texting.


Google’s feeling the heat.

With Samsung’s contract discussions and more AI search engines showing up, Google’s top position is being tested.

The tech giant is doing its best to innovate and stay number one.

This could cause changes in the industry, showing how important it is to stay updated and adjust to new search tech changes.

Source: The New York Times

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Google Scrambles To Keep Up With AI-Powered Search Rivals

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