Google Scores 60% of Total August Searches Worldwide

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Numbers from the comScore data on worldwide searches for August shows Google again getting the most number of searches, with 60% of the 61 million searches conducted in August. The results showed a significant increase in Google’s share of the worldwide searches from July’s comScore data

This is the second time that comScore released search data using its new web metrics system, qSearch 2.0, which now includes the include other searches that occur online, instead of measuring only the searches made on major search engines. 

Hence, China-based search engine figured in the latest comScore data getting around 5% of the total searches. It follows Yahoo sites with 14% and Microsoft lagging behind with around 3.5%. Baidu beating Microsoft sites at the number 3 spot is understandable since the Chinese user base is significantly big. 

Whether this trend will continue in the succeeding months or not is yet to be known. It would be interesting to know probably in the October data if Microsoft would show some significant improvement in terms of searches conducted on its newly refurbished Live Search Engine. Otherwise, it better do some more brushing up to reclaim its previous post from Baidu. 

For searches on the regional scale, the comScore report shows the Asia-Pacific region registering  the most number of searches with around 20, 000 searches followed by Europe, North America, Latin America and Middle East Africa.

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