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comScore Enhances Search Measurement with qSearch 2.0

comScore launches its second generation search measurement tool, qSearch 2.0. Whereas in previous measurement tool, web metrics company includes only searches occurring in the major web search engines, the qSearch interface will expand to include other searches that occur online. 

The company is hoping to provide web users a more comprehensive view of web search trends with the new qSearch 2.0 interface. The qSearch 2.0 interface which was implemented in the July search metrics now includes the ff:

  •  Core search engines – Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Ask and Time Warner sites,
  • Top fifty properties worldwide where search activity is registered, including MySpace, Facebook and sites other major web players,
  • Major vertical search locations – such as Ebay, Amazon and Expedia,
  • Partner search – searches initiated at partner sites which redirects users to search engine portals,
  • Cross-channel search – multiple tabs searching for a single search is now counted as multiple searches,
  • Local search – maps, directions, and local listings,
  • Worldwide search – includes individual country reporting from search conducted on regional portals

From the words of comScore senior vice president for search solutions James Lamberti:

With the continued evolution of the search market, it has become clear there is a need to expand the way we think about search, 

Lamberti further said: 

qSearch 2.0 gives the most comprehensive and accurate view of the entire search market by including all forms of search that are being monetized currently or could be monetized in the future. 

Employing the new qSearch system, comScore released its Core Search Share Report for July. 


From the above data, Google again got the highest search share for July followed by Yahoo, Microsoft, Ask and Time Warner. With comScore considering other searches conducted elsewhere aside from the main portal of the search engines, it is but expected for Google to reign supreme again. This can be attributed to the fact that multitab searches were considered. And Google definitely has a lot of leverage from its affiliate searches and multi-tab search facilities. 

Let’s see if the trend continues to favor Google’s way during the remaining months of the year.

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comScore Enhances Search Measurement with qSearch 2.0

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