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Google Says No to MSN Search on Blogger?

Google Says No to MSN Search on Blogger?

Google Says No to MSN Search on Blogger?

Threadwatch points to a blogger’s account of Google not being too happy with the placement of an MSN Search Box on a blog hosted by Google’s Blogger/Blogspot.

‘RJDohnert’ posts on the Microsoft Developers Network :

I just checked my e-mail and I got a mail from Google this afternoon. Seems they are kinda ticked that I have an MSN Search box on my blogspot page and they are asking that I remove it. They say its a violation of their Terms of Service yet nowhere in their terms of service does it say its not permitted for me to do such.

EDIT: They say its obstructing their services.

Apparently the account was deleted and now the MSN Search loving blogger has moved his blog over to WordPress.com hosting.

With Yahoo offering a contextual advertising network for bloggers, MSN soon doing the same, and various search engines offering publisher and search tools, the question is What exactly obstructs Blogger/Google services?

* Only search boxes?
* YPN and other ad networks?
* Publisher tools like Y!Q?

Please feel free to chime in with your opinions below.


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