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Google Rolls Out Search Profile Feature For Reviewers

Google rolls out a new type of social profile that makes users' written reviews in Search publicly accessible.

  • Google is launching a new profile for people who contribute reviews to search results.
  • It centralizes and makes written reviews publicly visible.
  • Increased transparency has implications for consumers, reviewers, and creators.

Google is rolling out a new social profile feature that will allow you to view, manage, and share written reviews across Google’s various platforms.

This feature was announced via an email to people who have contributed reviews to Google Search.

In the email notification, Google states that the primary purpose of this feature is to “make your reviews more helpful to others.”

Please note that this is separate from users’ Google Maps review history, which is already public.

Centralized Review Management

Google’s search reviews profiles, accessible at, is a centralized hub for you to see all the reviews you’ve previously contributed, including reviews for TV shows, movies, and other content.

This new feature provides a more seamless experience for viewing, updating, and deleting past reviews.

Private Initially, Public Soon

Currently, these profiles are visible only to the individual users themselves.

On June 24th, other Google users can view your profile and written reviews by tapping our name or picture on any published reviews.

Privacy Considerations

By allowing users to access and explore each other’s review histories, Google is making the review ecosystem within its platforms more transparent.

While the profile will make your written reviews publicly accessible, Google has assured that personal details from individual Google Accounts, such as birthdays, won’t be displayed.

If you prefer not to have a public profile, you’ll have the option to delete it.

Why SEJ Cares

This centralized profile could be a helpful way to evaluate the credibility and consistency of reviewers, potentially influencing purchasing decisions.

Conversely, creators may need to adapt their review management strategies to account for the potential impact of individual reviewers.

As the June 24th rollout date approaches, expect to see this new feature integrated into the search experience.

How This Can Benefit You

If you actively contribute reviews on Google’s platforms, this increased visibility may enhance your influence and result in greater recognition within your area of expertise.

For creators, the ability to investigate reviewer profiles could help identify and address potentially misleading or fraudulent reviews, fostering a more trustworthy review ecosystem.

On the other hand, it may necessitate a more proactive approach to monitoring and responding to critical reviews, as they will now be more easily accessible to potential customers.


What is the search reviews profile feature introduced by Google?

Google introduced a new type of social profile that allows users to view, manage, and share their written reviews across various platforms.

This feature aims to make users’ reviews more helpful by centralizing them in one hub. It makes it easier for users to update, delete, or view their past reviews. Initially private, these profiles will soon be visible to other users starting June 24th.

How will individual reviewer profiles impact online marketers?

This feature adds a layer of transparency to the review ecosystem. Online marketers might use these profiles to assess the credibility and consistency of reviewers, which can inform their strategies for managing customer feedback.

For reviewers, increased visibility can enhance their reputations, potentially influencing purchasing decisions and improving their authority in specific niches.

What are the key benefits of the new Google profiles for active review contributors?

Active review contributors stand to benefit from increased visibility and recognition. Their reviews will be easily accessible, enhancing their influence as trusted reviewers.

This can be particularly advantageous for users whose reviews focus on specific domains, as it may lead to greater acknowledgment and trust from the community.

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Google Rolls Out Search Profile Feature For Reviewers

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