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Google Rolls Out Gmail Translation To Mobile Apps

Google plans to update mobile apps with Gmail translation, improving global business and marketing communications.

  • Google has introduced native translation integration within the Gmail mobile app, extending the feature previously available on the web.
  • Users can now translate emails into over 100 languages on mobile devices through a new dismissible banner.
  • A gradual rollout has begun for Android, and will begin soon for iOS users.

Google is gradually rolling out translation within the Gmail mobile app, enabling users to translate emails into over 100 languages.

For years, this feature has been available for Gmail on the web. The implementation on mobile devices comes as a highly requested upgrade.

Translate Gmail Messages Within The App

Gmail mobile app users will soon notice a dismissible banner allowing them to translate messages into their preferred language.

This banner should appear when an email’s content differs from the user’s “ Mail display language” settings.

Screenshot from Google, August 2023

Users can tap on the translate banner to translate the email’s content and specify if Gmail should always or never translate specific languages in the future.

Alternative Ways To Translate Gmail Messages

Until the new feature arrives, users can manually translate messages through the three-dot menu. iOS app users can also highlight the text and use the translate option.

Screenshot from Gmail (iOS), August 2023

Expanding the translation feature to more Gmail users helps remove language barriers for businesses and individual users.

If the translation option is dismissed, it will appear again the next time an email’s content language doesn’t match the set display language. Users can also opt out of translation for specific languages.

Google began a gradual rollout of this feature for Android app users on August 8, with iOS users to follow starting August 21. It should be available to all Google Workspace customers and personal Google users.

Enhancement Of Global Communications

Google Workspace and personal Gmail users who communicate with individuals worldwide will benefit from the ability to translate Gmail messages within the mobile app interface.

It could enable seamless conversations across language barriers, thus allowing businesses to engage with diverse audiences.

Featured image: Diego Thomazini/Shutterstock

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Google Rolls Out Gmail Translation To Mobile Apps

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