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Google & Riya Face Recognition Photo Search

Google & Riya Face Recognition Photo Search

Google is apparently on the acquisition trail again and has its sights set on Riya, an online photo community similar to Flickr which has the technology to recognize human faces and automatically tag their photos with names. According to Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration, Riya’s ” service, which makes use of artificial intelligence and face-recognition technology, is supposedly superior to Flickr’s.”

And here’s a scary thought, Riya can reportedly distinguish between twins (paternal and maternal) and recognize members of the same family. Just how does this Riya technology work? Munjal Shah, CEO & Co-Founder, reviews Riya Recognition technology in his blog. The Riya site also includes a History of Face Recognition (with some help from Wikipedia).

Om Malik broke the news on the Riya acquisition and has “tentative” confirmation on the deal, which has Google acquiring the Riya company for $40 Million; that’s a lot of Benjamin Franklin’s for Riya to recognize.

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Google & Riya Face Recognition Photo Search

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