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Google Revamps Search Results: Expanded Featured Snippets, Related Topics, More

Google is revamping search results by expanding a couple of key components, as well as introducing a new way to find relevant content.

Now you’ll see more content in Featured Snippets, suggestions for related content in Knowledge Panels, and a brand new related topics carousel.

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets have been expanded with more images, providing a more visually rich search experience. Suggestions for related searches can now also appear within featured snippets.

Expanded featured snippets will not appear for all searches. Google says the expanded format will only show up for “select” featured snippets.

Knowledge Panels

Knowledge Panels have also been expanded with related searches. So you can now find out what “people also search for” directly inside the entity’s knowledge panel.

Related Topics

A brand new carousel of related topics may appear at the top of search results after multiple searches have been conducted.

Let’s say you searched for the name of a movie, and then click on one of the “people also search for” suggestions. Google may then display a carousel of topics that are related to both of the things you just looked at.

These updates, all designed around helping people find content that’s relevant to their initial search, are now live in search results.

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Google Revamps Search Results: Expanded Featured Snippets, Related Topics, More

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