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Google to Reportedly Launch Google Assistant for iOS

Google Assistant is reportedly coming to iOS as a standalone app, according to Android Police which received the information from a “trusted source.”

It’s expected that Google will announce its official plans for Assistant on iOS at the Google I/O developer conference this week. With Google launching Assistant’s SDK last month, making the announcement at a conference full of developers makes sense.

It’s possible the app will be a hybrid between the chat-style interaction in Google Allo and the voice-controlled interaction in the Android OS. Other than that, there are few details at this point.

It’s apparently known for certain the app will only be available in the US when it launches, which would not be all that surprising considering the Android version is only available in a limited number of regions.

Further details will likely be available later this week after Google’s I/O conference.

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Google to Reportedly Launch Google Assistant for iOS

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