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Google Reportedly Bringing a ‘Snapchat Discover’ Feature to Search

Google Reportedly Bringing a ‘Snapchat Discover’ Feature to Search

Google is reportedly working on brining a publishing feature similar to Snapchat Discover to the company’s search engine.

The Wall Street Journal reports the feature is likely to be called “Stamp”, and would be built on AMP technology.

That means the feature would live on mobile, with stories that are like more stripped-down and faster-loading than stories currently seen on Snapchat Discover.

The Journal goes on to say Google is already in talks with CNN, The Washington Post, Time, Vox Media, and others. A Google spokesperson tells WSJ:

“Ever since the beginning of AMP we’ve constantly collaborated with publishers, and are working on many new features.”

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This is yet another sign of Google expanding beyond search in an effort to remain peoples’ destination for seeking information.

Another example is the recent news that Google will be redesigning its homepage to include a personalized feed of news stories. In other words, the desktop and mobile homepage will more closely resemble Google’s mobile app.

These are some significant steps toward a future where information is brought to the user before they even ask for it – rather than requesting information via a search query.


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