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Google Releases the Chromium Open Source Project

For simple folks like me anticipating the release of Google Chrome OS any day now, sad to say you won’t get a taste of it at least not in a year or so. But if you’re a developer, today’s Google announcement is for you.  Google has just made its Chromium Open Source Project  where  the consumer-side of Chrome OS will be built, available for developers and coders.The Chromim OS project which was released just now include current code base, user interface experiments and some initial designs. If you want to take part in the development of a better and more user-focused Chrome OS, these stuff are for you. And you can be more involved in this Open Source project by joining

Meanwhile, us simple Google fans would for now be contend with knowing some more details about the Google Chrome OS and why Google is building it, if in case you still don’t know the reasons why.

The main reason according to the Google Blog post is to make it faster to connect to the Internet starting from the time you boot up your computer (whether you are using those ultra-fast machines or a measly Acer netbook).

The Google folks involved with the development of the Chrome OS have this notion that the major reason why we power up our computer is to connect to the internet – check emails, do social networking stuff, twitter and all.  And that if there is no Internet, we might not use the computer anymore.

Somehow this is true. And so instead of using a separate OS to boot up the computer and go through all the processes that leads you to the process of firing up your browser, why not just eliminate the process where the PC’s OS does it work and make the web browser the computer OS as well.

And that is the long and short of it – Google Chrome OS, if you don’t know yet is going to be your computer’s OS and web browser. Just imagine how faster it would be to connect to the Internet once Chrome OS is available for consumers by next year.

So, are you as excited as I am right now?  Hopefully some great developers will be able to come up with beta releases before the official thing comes out in a year or so.

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Google Releases the Chromium Open Source Project

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