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Some More Juicy Details About Google Chrome OS

Some More Juicy Details About Google Chrome OS

So after that not so good looking alleged screenshot of the Chrome OS, some more juicy details about this much awaited Google OS came out. Download Squad’s Lee Mathews found out from the Chromium Source Code that aside from the single sign on feature of Chrome OS, there were also some reference to a status bar containing a clock, an application menu and a non-working battery indicator.
What’s interesting from the source code were these lines which refer to the SSO cookie:

“To support single-sign-on for Chrome OS, we need a way to inject cookies into Chrome. In the case of session cookies, putting them into Chrome’s cookie jar DB doesn’t work. This CL adds a command line flag that tells chrome the name of a UNIX pipe to open, from which it can read said cookies.”

This somehow contradicts what was shown by the previously leaked screenshot showing a floating application dock. The Chrome OS might actually have an integrated application dock instead of a floating one.

So it would seem that the Google Chrome OS might just be a bootable browser sitting on a Linux base, that once you fire up the OS, what you are going to see immediately is the Chrome browser. The Chrome browser would seem to act like the interface for the OS.

Other juicy details about Chrome OS include the presence of a “compact nav bar’ and a domain name which has already been registered under Google –

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Some More Juicy Details About Google Chrome OS

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