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Google Releases New Version of Shopping Insights for Researching Popular Brands and Products

Google has released a new version of its Shopping Insights tool, which is designed to help advertisers uncover information about popular brands and products.

With the new Shopping Insights tool, advertisers can track which brands and products are trending up or down, and how that data varies by regions within the US.

Advertisers will have access to data for more than 55,000 products and 45,000 brands across nearly 5,000 product categories.

This represents a significant increase in data compared to the previous version of Shopping Insights.

Along with adding more data, Google has also introduced several new features.

New Features in Shopping Insights

Compare brand popularity for searches within a specific category

A new feature will allow advertisers to compare the popularity of different brands for searches within a particular product category.

Advertisers can compare this data from one season to another and anticipate demand accordingly.

As Google notes, some higher-end brands are searched more during the holiday season compared to the rest of the year.

Advertisers can also use the data to understand how important brands are within a particular category.

In some categories, users are more likely to search for product characteristics rather than specific brands.

For example, in the product category of backpacks, users mentioned the top 3 brand names in roughly 8 percent of queries.

By comparison, in searches for video game consoles, users mentioned the top 3 brands in roughly 90 percent of queries.

Personalized reports for advertisers

With another new feature added to Shopping Insights, advertisers can create up to 10 weekly and monthly email reports for the products and categories they care about.

Google will send data on popular, growing, and trending products and brands.

The new version of Shopping Insights is available on desktop and mobile for advertisers in the US.

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Google Releases New Version of Shopping Insights for Researching Popular Brands and Products

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