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Google Releases New Docs for Mobile Interface

Google Releases New Docs for Mobile Interface

Google Docs has updated its UI once again, but this time only in vital sector: mobile. Those accessing Google Docs on a mobile device will now be greeted with a new look, a variety of new options, and quicker access to document organization and sharing.

The New Tools and How to Use Them

To take a look at the recently updated UI, you can simply visit Google Docs ( using a compatible smartphone or tablet device. Supported devices include all Android 2.2 and higher devices and all iOS 3.0 and higher devices. The primary new tools users can access are the “Sort,” “Narrow,” and “Share” features.

  • Sort, located at the top-left corner of the interface, lets users quickly arrange items in one of three ways: last opened, last modified, and name.
  • Narrow, located just to the right of the sort button, lets users choose to display only items they own, items they’ve starred, specific document types, or documents from specific collections.
  • Share, located at the bottom right when items are selected from the document list, lets users quickly access the share menu. Items can be shared, opened as a publicly accessible link, or emailed as an attachment.

Additionally, the updated UI has visual icons along the top that let users navigate to Gmail, Google Calendar, and other productivity services from Google.

Mobile Productivity on the Rise

Mobile productivity is rising on the whole, with numerous additional tablet-centric apps and web-accessible productivity suites being released this year. Most notably, Office 365 will provide online support and – according to early-phase rumors – will be fully maneuverable from the smartphone or tablet environment. Additions such as the UI updates in Google Docs are an intuitive next step for Google to bring their services into competitive swing.

[Sources include: The Google Docs Blog]


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