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Google Releases Mac Version of Chrome Canary

Do you consider yourself brave? Adventurous? Good at giving feedback? Then Chrome Canary was built for you. This version of the famed Google browser comes with all the normal features except one: stability. So, why use it? It’s also the most up-to-date (or, if your prefer, ahead-of-date) of all browser versions, allowing you to test upcoming features destined for Chrome. While Canary was released to Windows users back in August of 2010, Google has decided to bring this yellow version of Chrome to Mac users as well.

Users should note that this isn’t just the developer channel. This is a version of Chrome that has had zero manual testing, and where major problems are anticipated. In many ways, Chrome Canary is designed to serve as the cautionary version of the browser, showing when a feature causes issues so that the feature can be left out of stable releases. In fact, that’s why the browser is called Canary: it’s named after the canaries brought into the coal mines to warn of dangerous gasses.

Windows and Mac users can find a version of the browser here. Since Canary can be installed alongside your standard Chrome installation, you can always use it only when you’re feeling particularly daring – or when you want a look at the newest Chrome features.

[via the Chromium Blog]


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Google Releases Mac Version of Chrome Canary

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