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Google Releases List of Popular Automated AdWords Rules

The Automated Rules feature of Google AdWords has been around for several months, and many advertisers have taken great advantage of the chance to set up some advanced actions based on trackable elements or metrics. Now Google is helping users make the most out of Automated Rules by providing a list of the most popular rules to be implemented by advertisers around the world.

Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Setting ads to run only for specific times (such as for holidays, seasons, promotional events, or weekends).
  • Setting specific ad campaigns to turn on or off for promotional or other special events.
  • Turning off ads, keywords, or campaigns that have excessively low CTR or high cost per conversion.
  • Automatically adjusting bids until a keyword reaches a target position or matches the target cost per conversion.
  • Adjusting bids at different times during the day (e.g., more often in the evening).
  • Automatically increasing the budget for effective campaigns.
  • Setting a different budget for specific times of the week or year.
  • Pausing campaigns once they’ve hit a specified number of clicks or total spend.

AdWords Automated Rules started testing in December of 2010 and became available on all accounts in February of 2011. The feature is designed to let users accomplish frequently repeated tasks without manual adjustment. The rules feature many advanced elements, such as excluding keywords, applying rules to multiple campaigns, and setting advanced rules such as those listed above. For those interested in applying these rules to their site, this AdWords help page provides the step-by-step directions.

[Sources include: the Google AdWords blog]


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Google Releases List of Popular Automated AdWords Rules

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