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Google Receives 1,000,000 Job Applications a Year

Google Receives 1,000,000 Job Applications a Year

Here are some amazing numbers, Google receives over 1,000,000 job applications a year and denies 99.5% of them.

In 2006 Google hired only 5,000 new employees (Nooglers) out of the applicant pool of about 1,000,000.

Oh yeah, and the perks…

Googlers and Nooglers can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner here at any of the company’s 11 gourmet restaurants. If you gain what’s called the Google 15, hit the gym. Training is free. So are the massages. There’s volleyball, swimming, rock climbing, game rooms and scooters. And how’s this for a perk? Google will kick in $5,000 for the purchase of a hybrid car. All this and every day is take your dog to work day.

Lee Dodd has the transcript from CNN Business Report on Life at Google.


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