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Google ReBang : Chinese Language Zeitgeist

Yesterday Philipp Lenssen found that Google has added “/rebang” to their robots.txt file. Usually when Google is going to launch a new service or channel, they add that site to this file.

Philipp asks “Does anyone know what Rebang is?”

Possible scenarios: is a 3d design company, is Google planning on acquiring this company for its second life style 3D interface?

No, the owner of comments on Philipp’s blog and shot down that notion.

Instead, Rebang = 谷歌热榜!

That’s right, Rebang is Chinese for ‘Hot Ranking‘ and Google Rebang will be a Chinese language Zeitgeist.

But why is this not hosted on

Because doing so would mean that Rebang would fall under Chinese legal jurisdiction and since not all people who search for Chinese language terms on Google live in mainland China, Google Rebang should show a more transparent and honest view of what people are searching for in Chinese.

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Google ReBang : Chinese Language Zeitgeist

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