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Google is Reading Romance Novels to Improve Conversational Search

For the past few month’s Google’s AI has been reading nearly 3,000 romance novels in order to improve its conversational search abilities; Buzzfeed reports.

The novels are being fed into Google’s AI engine in an effort to loosen up its factual style of interpreting search queries and returning results. Google’s engineers would like it if the search engine could understand nuances of what people say in natural speech, and reply in an equally natural way.

An AI engine is a computing system that can learn and adapt. One of the greatest challenges for an AI engine is to process and respond to human language. Realizing most of Google’s search products rely on human language commands, Google is hoping to become more conversational through devouring thousands of romance novels. Romance novels were chosen because they use a wide range of vocabulary to express various ideas

While Google has the ability to learn and understand simple questions, and is even capable of responding to follow up questions, it doesn’t do so in a natural way. Through this endeavor we may see the search giant eventually speaking to us as though it was a close friend, but that time may be a long while off.


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Google is Reading Romance Novels to Improve Conversational Search

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