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Google Reader’s Two New Features Made Possible by Two Google Interns

Google Reader quietly introduced two nifty features aimed at finding more not so well known and yet interesting blogs and a better way of organizing these blogs’ feeds.

First of these two new features is the personalized feed recommendations. When you log in to your Google account and visit the Google Reader’s discovery page, you’ll find some interesting feeds collected by the Reader based on other feeds you are subscribed to and your web history data.

Those suggested feeds could actually be interesting. So you might find yourself subscribing to quite a number of these feeds. To better organize your feeds, Google Reader now makes it easier to organize, move, transfer and reorder feeds from one fold to another. Blog feeds that you subscribe to can now be manipulated via drag and drop method.

Interestingly, it took two Google (ex)interns to do this two new features. The user interface was created by Nitin Shantharam and Olga Stoilova. While the drag-and-drop was made possible by Brad Hawkes who is now a full time employee at Google. Well, it’s good to know that Google recognizes the talents of these young college interns and heads up to these (ex)interns for making good use of their talents. Those two Google Reader features who really come in handy for Reader users like me.

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Google Reader’s Two New Features Made Possible by Two Google Interns

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