Google Reader Gets More Social with New Sharing Features, and we love it

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Google Reader has just rolled out some new features, which obviously is geared towards making Google’s RSS aggregator more social. So, here’s a run down of each of the new features.

Google Reader now lets us share anything using the handy bookmarklet “Note in Reader”. Just drag the bookmarklet into your browser’s bookmark bar and you can practically share any content from any web page, even those which don’t have RSS feeds. You can even add some line of texts from the site that you are bookmarking into your shared items.Google Reader also lets us share items with notes, and I mean our own composed notes not lines from the site we are bookmarking. This adds some personalization features to Google Reader. You can see this feature at the bottom of each of your Google Reader items.

Google Reader also lets us add note. Just plain note, not attached to any items in your Reader page. You can see this at the top of the Notes page. It basically works like those shout out boxes you find in online forums.

googlereaderstyles.pngGoogle Reader also lets us add some stylish icons into our public shared items. Honestly, I don’t see this feature as helpful as the other three.

There, another great set of features for our favorite RSS reader. More please.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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  • Hi Arnold,

    We’ve had this type of sharing and commenting on Google Reader items for awhile at MessageDance. You can send something you like on GR to your blog as a blog post or to Twitter — or to both — all from a single sharing by email address. MessageDance users can use their MD handle to share from YouTube, Digg, Amazon, pretty much anywhere to their social networks and friends. Check us out!

  • It sounds like a good idea, but I just didn’t notice these features before and I don’t know if I can practically use them. I hope the features keep coming though!