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Google Reader – Google’s RSS Feed Aggregator?

Google Reader – Google’s RSS Feed Aggregator?

Google Reader – Google’s RSS Feed Aggregator?

Eric Baillargeon found a new subdomain at Google which may be a hint to their newest offering (yes, another Google app or service), a feed aggregator. The subdomain now shows a 403 error page, but if we remember correctly, Google Talk also was leaked to the public using the same technique.

Eric posts on the inlogicalbearer : the redirect you to like all new Google apps and this time give you a 403 forbidden, which make me think it’s in internal testing. But what will be the reader ? After the viewer disparition, an Google Reader will be an RSS Aggregator or a place like Bloglines?

So, Google launching an RSS / Atom Feed reading aggregation service? I wonder if it will be a web or independent version of their Google Sidebar Web Clips offering, which tracks the sites you visit and serves the feeds which Google thinks you’d be interested in reading – and does a mighty fine job of it.

Guess this will be another wait and see from Google, let’s just pray its more intricate than their Google Blog Search Engine.

NOTE : Mysterius tells us that Google Sidebar Plugins have updated.

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Google Reader – Google’s RSS Feed Aggregator?

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