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Google Rankings via Linkbaiting Blogs

Google Rankings via Linkbaiting Blogs

At Problogger, Martin Roth (Darren is on vacation) has posted his Case Study on using blogs to gather top Google Rankings via Linkbait, the first for Bird Flu oriented terms and the second for Gillette Razors.

The Bird Flu approach was quite simple and gathered Martin a decent response:

I posted my article, “The Bird Flu Bloggers” – a review of all the best blogs covering bird flu – late in October, then sent polite emails to 50-or-so of the most popular writers in the blogosphere, suggesting they might be interested in it. A couple of them mentioned it on their sites, bringing me several thousand hits over a few days.

The Gillette Razor example led to some major blog coverage and links which has resulted in a positive Google Ranking effect for Martin’s Shaverama blog.

“The same has now happened with my men’s grooming blog, Shaverama which I launched in January. By late-February it was averaging three visitors per day. Then I wrote an article about Gillette’s new five-blade Fusion shaving system. Once again, the emphasis was on bloggers. I looked at how some newspaper commentators had adopted a tone of intense sarcasm about a razor with five blades. Meanwhile, many bloggers reviewed it objectively, and usually favorably.

I titled my article “Gillette Fusion Razor – The Mainstream Media Mocks; Bloggers Give Objective Reviews” and posted it on February 24th, then sent off short, polite emails about it to around 50 leading bloggers.

Half-a-dozen of them linked to it, including – joy of joys – Instapundit, who wrote simply: “Mainstream media vs. the blogs: A close shave.” Over the following week I received more than 7,000 visitors.”

The result, #1 on Google for Long Tail converting term, Gillette Fusion Shaving System.

Martin’s articles and emails to bloggers may sound simple, but the positive result is based upon:

* timing
* relationships
* newsworthyness

The keys to any successful public relations campaign (which linkbaiting, in its essense, is quite similar to).

More from ProBlogger : Gaining a Top Google Ranking in Two Weeks – Blog Case Study

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Google Rankings via Linkbaiting Blogs

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