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Google Rankings Changing : Result of Paid Links?

Google search engine rankings seem to be undertaking an update or change over the past week as some sites and publishers are noticing a trend in rankings skyrocketing. On the other hand, some publishers are experiencing dramatic drops.

Personally, I have witnessed some sites gain rather high Google rankings which have been the target of major link bait, news coverage or organic link initiatives.

I’ve also seen some questionable sites popping up at the top of the rankings, as have some of the publishers in a Webmaster World thread which was highlighted by Tamar Weinberg of Search Engine Roundtable.

One of my two site (that are both in the same industry) lost major placement in the Google SERP’s today, hundreds of terms went from page 1 to page 6 and worse. But the other site is still ranking fine, unaffected.

Over the last few months I began noticing a few meaningless adsense sites creep into the first two pages of the organic SERPS. It really suprises me because you really have to know the industry to get anywhere. It’s an industry that is only known well by guys that do actual physical labor(strenuous at that) at one time or another in their life.

Another publisher says that the changes are because of paid links:

There’s absolutely no way these sites got there on natural linking popularity. Again, I probably went off topic, but changes are indeed afoot. Scary! Money talks…paid for links.

Have you noticed a dramatic change in the Google SERP’s for your niche or keyterms?

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Google Rankings Changing : Result of Paid Links?

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