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Google Ranking Factors: What Really Matters Right Now


Systems, Signals, And Page Experience

The most important thing you can do if you are worried about ranking is write content that satisfies intent and fulfills the aspirations of E-E-A-T. –Ben Steele, 09:11

Join us as we talk about the biggest updates to Google Ranking Factors this year, and what that means for you as we head into 2024.

Our very own senior editor of ebooks, Ben Steele, gives you the behind-the-scene scoop on what factors really matter now. More than 200 hours went into researching and gathering our findings on the signals that have been officially declared, at one point or another in time, as Google ranking factors. Ben brings you the impact behind the BIG updates made this year: E-E-A-T, Google’s redefining of page experience, the developments around systems and signals, and more.

Listen in as Ben and host Loren Baker, two of SEJ’s brightest SEO professionals, talk Google Ranking Factors. Discussion designed for search professionals and marketing managers planning for next year.


Suppose you do build content that is comprehensive enough to display authority in your experience. In that case, the aspiration is that content will float to the top regardless of more manipulative tactics. –Ben Steele, 10:14

When people have asked me what’s our secret to ranking content at SEJ, I’ve always told them the publish button because we’ve been building this brand, this entity, and this trust for 20-plus years. –Loren Baker, 13:48

Google is evaluating links more qualitatively. Keywords are still huge, but the number doesn’t matter anymore. It’s about the way you use them. –Ben Steele, 22:30

[03:30] – Google ranking factors 2023: What’s changed and what remains?
[10:14] – Keywords and links vs. content and E-E-A-T in today’s SEO.
[22:30] – Google’s qualitative approach to evaluating ranking factors.
[27:39] – Building E-E-A-T for smaller sites to compete with big brands.
[29:42] – Generative AI content’s ranking performance post-updates.
[37:24] – Long-term success with E-E-A-T and user intent.
[43:27] – Curation as a strategy against generative AI in SEO.
[46:52] – How to access the Google Ranking Factors ebook.

Keeping your nose clean, don’t engage in the quick win strategies that are technically spam because Google has come out and straight up said if it’s defined as spam under our guidelines, relevancy doesn’t matter. –Ben Steele, 33:33

Curation is something you can lean into as a small business. There is still going to be a demand for human curation. –Ben Steele, 43:27

You can become a trusted source of curation for your audience… that’s one thing that language models are not good at: being a source of well-curated information that you need right now. –Ben Steele, 44:29

Those factors of E-E-A-T will be critical for inoculating your business from the negative impacts of AI implemented by big platforms… the experience and the trust. –Ben Steele, 45:53


Connect with Ben Steele:

Ben Steele, the Senior Editor at SEJ, boasts profound expertise in digital content. Though he didn’t initially aim to become an SEO strategist, the skills he acquired for his role, combined with his self-initiated research into digital marketing, unveiled his genuine passion in this field.

His experience in professional theater not only refined his work ethic and leadership abilities but also fostered other invaluable attributes such as creativity.

Now, at SEJ, Ben contributes to their ebooks, consistently providing fresh perspectives and strategic content advice. Through his SEO endeavors, he artfully weaves the nuances of human experiences, journeys, and expressions into enlightening lessons for others.

Connect with Ben on LinkedIn:

Connect with Loren Baker, Founder of Search Engine Journal:

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Google Ranking Factors: What Really Matters Right Now

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