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Google Radio Ads Sell Out; Not Enough Airtime

Ben Charny at MarketWatch reports that Google Audio did not secure enough radio airtime “for would-be advertisers to thoroughly test out the initiative.”

Seems an analyst, Jordan Rohan, feels that this will lead to a delay which may take Google more time to reach a broader audience:

Until Google can strike a deal with CBS, or some other radio giant, “there will be no significant impact until mid-2007” on Google’s bottom line, or the radio industry in general, Rohan said in his research note.

“We believe a critical mass of advertisers is interested in testing the platform,” Rohan said, based on his interviews with his own sources. “However, there is simply not enough radio inventory in the Google Audio system (yet) to enable buyers to run campaigns.”

Google says in a statement that:

Participating advertisers have access to a wide range of inventory including more than 700 stations spanning more than 200 metro areas. We will continue to make available more stations and inventory to an increasing number of advertisers next year.

I remember hearing somewhere that ClearChannel was in that mix. I could be wrong, but wouldn’t ClearChannel be considered a radio giant? (and a major outdoor advertising giant which would be a logical next step in Google advertisement growth).

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Google Radio Ads Sell Out; Not Enough Airtime

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