Google Quietly Laying Off Engineers

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According to some Twitter reports by friends of Google employees, Google has given management the mandate to reduce headcount at Google and layoff engineers and other employees, even on critical projects. Yes, Google is trimming the fat, cutting back and optimizing its workforce.

Sure, it’s difficult to take a Tweet seriously, but responses to @MaryHodder have been affirmative, and several friends have confirmed that 4 to 5 year employees with solid Google stocks have been laid off or friendly pressured to move on.

This description of the Google Layoffs from @MaryHodder’s Twitter thread :

Talkng to friend laid off from Google Friday. Others in their eng. gp as well. They don’t want to discuss publicly, but R ok w. my telling.

We think Goog is quietly laying ppl off so as not to alert press. Mgrs have mandate to reduce headcnt, no matter how critical the project.

Full time eng on a critical path project. so were others.. 4-5 yr employees.

Oddly, before this wk 2 othr Goog frnds told me uncomfortably they want to leave..was shocked, they have great jobs, but pressure that Google just wasn’t fun place anymore, but now think it could be really unpleasantly bad for ppl. don’t know, just anecdotal.

These ppl sounded pretty uncomfortable. working 18 hr days .. if you have the big stock, might make you want to go.

For more discussion on the breaking Google Layoff news, be sure to monitor Twitter @

Hodder’s credentials as being on the Advisory Boards of Sphere, Technorati, Blogher and her connections in the blogging and search industries help to back up these Tweets and “rumours”

For additional and timely reading, I also suggest John Borthwick’s Google Next Victim Of Creative Destruction? (GOOG)

Hat Tip to Frank Watson

Loren Baker
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Loren Baker
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  • O.J.

    Seems that Google’s not recession-proof, too. I was wondering for some time how it feels to work at the GOOG. I guess I’d have to take those thoughts off my mind for now. At least Twitter has a better time right now.

  • Yatn

    It is bad that google being no.1 in world market is going for layoffs.

  • NGO India

    How it could be to listen about google layoffs sounds bad

  • Joe

    Every company that has so many employees fires people probably on a daily basis in good times too. Not everyone is good at his job.

  • efecto moda

    Agree it Joe, Google is a big company and needs to fires some engineers if they don´t do it well.

  • CB

    It’s tweet, not Twit.

  • Anon

    Gonna go ahead and guess this has something to do with the employee’s performance rather than secret google layoffs.

  • Anonymous

    Strange… I’m currently interviewing with them.

  • bruce m.

    i’m sure there are plenty of lazy engineers at google. i’ve heard stories of some people that wouldn’t be seen for weeks…although those are usually people with doctorate degree, i’m pretty sure. a Ph.D. in comp. sci. is the ticket to the world, pretty much.

    but i’m sure in their hiring scramble in the fairly recent past they got a lot of dogs, and they have an excuse to get rid of some at this point.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    I am not surprised to see this at all. I’m sure they have plenty or reserves to help them no problem at all but it gives them an opportunity to shave off unwanted costs and streamline for a downturn.

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