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Google Pushes Universal Analytics 360 Sunset To 2024

Google is giving enterprise marketers more time to switch to GA4 by moving the sunset date of Universal Analytics 360 to 2024.

Google is pushing the sunset date of Universal Analytics 360 to 2024, giving enterprise users more time to transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

The last day to switch from Universal Analytics 360 to GA4 is changing from October 1, 2023, to July 1, 2024.

For clarity, this refers to the enterprise version of Universal Analytics.

As announced earlier this year, Google is still planning to sunset standard Universal Analytics properties on July 1, 2023.

The extra time to switch from Universal Analytics 360 allows enterprise customers to have a smoother transition. It also allows Google more time to develop GA4 into a product that is built for enterprises.

In an announcement, Google states:

“We’re focusing our efforts and investments on Google Analytics 4 to deliver a solution built to adapt to a changing ecosystem. Because of this, throughout 2023 we’ll be shifting support away from Universal Analytics 360 and will move our full focus to Google Analytics 4 in 2024.”

Google cautions enterprise customers that performance will likely degrade in Universal Analytics 360 up until the new sunset date.

You can transition from Universal Analytics 360 to GA4 any time between now and the sunset date. The earlier you switch, the more historical data you’ll have access to in GA4.

To help drive home the benefits of switching to GA4, Google announced several new features coming in 2023.

New Features Coming To Google Analytics 4 In 2023

Google is planning to launch the following updates to GA4 in 2023:

  • Automatic migration: If you don’t create a GA4 property before early 2023, Google’s Setup Assistant will create one for you. You’ll have the option to opt out if you prefer to create one manually.
  • Behavioral modeling: Coming to GA4 real-time reporting, behavioral modeling uses machine learning to fill gaps when cookies and other identifiers aren’t available.
  • Custom channel grouping: Compare the aggregate performance of a custom selection of channels.
    Integration With Campaign Manager 360: Allows marketers to bid toward GA4 conversions in Display & Video 360’s automated bid strategies.

Source: Google
Featured Image: photo_gonzo/Shutterstock

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Google Pushes Universal Analytics 360 Sunset To 2024

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