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Google Promoting Google Base Listings in Product Searches

Google Promoting Google Base Listings in Product Searches

In preparation for the online holiday shopping season, Google plans to integrate Google Base into its main web search results.

According to information a Google official shared with those attending the Professional eBay Sellers Alliance (PESA) Summit, Google will be serving an alternative Google Base search box when Google users search for specific products on Google.

The result of such Google Base Box searches will all be generated by merchants who have indexed their products in Google Base (formerly Froogle).

Brian Smith of Comparison Engines adds that there has been a natural progression at Google to further implement Google Base generated results in product searches:

Google’s been making a lot of moves to prepare for the holiday shopping season: removing Froogle from the homepage, ramping up Checkout, adding simple reporting to Google Base, adding attribute refinements to Google Base, and now it seems the company will be driving shoppers to Google Base (or put correctly, whenever a search is done for a product this holiday season, Google will show shoppers a second search box which will take them to Google Base results).

Simply put, Google Base listings are now more important than ever and Google will continue to push its Google Base merchant listings to its users who are ready to compare and purchase products online.

And just how do you make sure that your products are being found on Google Base? Easy… Optimize!

Brian adds his input on Google Base Optimization :

Google Base happens to be the only shopping search engine which allows merchants to define their own attributes (optional fields).

If you want better results on the shopping engines, try optimizing your feed – it’s no longer good enough to just post all your products and expect your listings to be found.

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Google Promoting Google Base Listings in Product Searches

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