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Google Privacy Policy Questions by European Union

The European Union has launched an investigation into Google and whether the search & media company is confirming to the EU’s privacy rules and questions the reasons why Google stores user search and behavior information for up to two years.

Forbes reports :

According to Pietro Pertucci, an EU spokesman, the bloc has sent a letter to Google, asking whether its data-storage policy “fulfilled all the necessary requirements” of European data-protection rules, considered more stringent than those in the United States.

The letter also contained questions about the way that the company stores and retains personal information, which is kept for up to two years. According to Petrucci, the working party expects a response from Google by early June. The investigation is being backed by the EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini who considers the issues covered by the letter to be “appropriate and legitimate.”

Google’s response is that “We believe it’s an important part of our commitment to respect user privacy while balancing a number of important factors, such as maintaining security and preventing fraud and abuse” and that Google is committed to engaging in a constructive dialogue.

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Google Privacy Policy Questions by European Union

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