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Google Print Ads Running in 750 Newspapers, Yahoo Partners with 634 Newspapers

Google Print Ads Running in 750 Newspapers, Yahoo Partners with 634 Newspapers

Google Print Ads, the arm of Google AdWords which runs ads in remnant newspaper ad space, is now working with over 750 newspapers according to Stephanie Davis, Print Ads Head of Publisher Development.

Davis made this announcement in Orlando last week during the Newspaper Association of America Marketing Conference.

From Local Onliner:

Davis said that newspapers and Google need each other. The implication was clear, however, that perhaps newspapers need Google more (even if CPC rates may be peaking for Google and display is a much needed growth channel). Davis noted that Print Ads pays out 60 percent revenue shares, on average – although she didn’t provide any guidance as to their overall gross.

Basically, there are five key areas to gauge a Google/newspaper relationship, said Davis: “Technology,” “Search,” “Lower cost of site,” “Brand” and “ROI.” In her estimation, the main advantage that newspapers bring to the table is “brand.”

On the other side of the fence, 634 newspapers are now working with Yahoo and its Yahoo! Newspaper Consortium, which is kind of like comparing Apples to Oranges since the Newspaper Consortium is more of a full blown advertising and content partnership which serves newspaper content within Yahoo while Yahoo serves behavioral targeted advertising across its newspaper partners sites, targeted towards Yahoo users visiting those newspaper sites.

Yahoo!’s partnership with the Newspaper Consortium spans multiple initiatives, including

  • The adoption of Yahoo! HotJobs as their exclusive online recruitment solution
  • The distribution of headlines across Yahoo!
  • The adoption of Yahoo! Search on newspaper sites
  • Cross-selling of advertising with newspapers’ local sales forces selling local advertisers’ inventory on Yahoo! and Yahoo!’s national sales force selling national advertising on newspapers’ sites.
  • Many of the members also will be exclusively using the Yahoo! ad platform to sell display advertising on their sites.
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