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Google Podcasts Manager – Why Podcasters Need This

Google announced a service that helps podcasters gain more listeners from Google and get listener analytics data.

Image of a Google logo and a mobile device playing a podcast

Google Webmasters Twitter account announced a new feature called Podcasts Manager. Podcasts Manager provides analytics data about listeners but also helps podcasters manage their podcasts for Google search.

Google Webmasters Announcement

The tweet described Podcasts Manager like this:

“Podcasters can see impressions and clicks for Google Podcasts results that appear in Search, as well as top discovered episodes and search terms that led to their podcast.”

They also announced a new forum community where podcasters can turn to each other for help.

“For podcasters curious about how to optimize their podcast for Google, we’ve put together a few pointers in our newly launched Podcasts Manager forum”

Google Podcasts Manager Helps Podcasters Succeed

The purpose for Google Podcasts Manager is to provide podcasters with the insights to understand which podcasts do well, how much of the podcast is listened to, and to help Google show the podcasts across a wide range of its services, like Google Search, Google Home and Android for Auto.

What Kind of Analytic Data Does it Provide?

Google Podcasts Manager provides analytics data related to the popularity of the podcasts with listeners.

Information provided includes:

  • How many listens each show receives
  • How many listens each episode segment receives
  • Percentage of podcast that was listened per show

The above is a partial list of the kind of data Google will show a podcaster.

Where Google May Show Your Podcast

Google only collects data from Google properties. Google collects and shows you the data only when a listener discovers your podcast through a Google service or app.

Google will show your podcast to interested listeners across a variety of devices.

Screenshot of a Google search result showing a podcast

This is where Google says it will show your podcast:

“Google Search on all browsers, desktop and mobile. Users can play your episodes in the browser (sample Google Search result shown below).
Google Search App for Android (requires v6.5 or higher of the Google Search App)
Google Podcasts app for mobile devices
Google Home speaker system
Content Action for the Google Assistant
Android Auto in your car”

Google Podcasts Manager Is Helpful

Being able to manage a podcast in Google, to improve how it is shown across all of Google is a good deal because it will help the podcast gain more listeners. Additionally, the service will help podcasters better understand which podcasts do well and which don’t, which can help podcasters give their listeners the kind of content they want to hear.


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Google Podcasts Manager – Why Podcasters Need This

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