Google Places Adds Over 1,000 New Categories For International Business Listings

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Google Places Adds Over 1,000 New Categories For International Business Listings

In an announcement made in a discussion forum thread by Google Business Community Manager, Jade Wang, Google has added a substantial amount of new business categories available to businesses outside of the United States.

Based on merchant feedback, we’ve been working to improve business categories. One of the key areas we thought we could quickly improve is expanding the breadth of available categories globally.

Over 1,000 new categories have been added to the Places dashboard for businesses around the world and translated to every language Google supports.

If you’re wondering why there have always been so many categories available for US businesses, but so few available for international businesses, Jade goes on to explain why. It had to do with translation and support:

Imagine you’re planning a trip to Greece. When you search from the US, you’ll probably be using English, and you’ll see the categories of Greek businesses in English. However, those businesses in Greece were probably set in Greek using Places for Business in Greek. This means the Places for Business team has to translate and associate categories in many languages. As you can imagine, this can become very complicated very quickly.

This is great news for international business owners. Jade reminds everyone that Google continues to listen to all merchants who give feedback. So if you have any feedback related to this, or any other aspect of Google Places for Business, make sure to pass it on to them. They are listening!

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  • Raviraj

    That’s really a great news!!!
    Adding new categories to the Google Places for International Businesses Thats what was required from long time,.
    Thanks Matt Southern for sharing such a good news with us.

  • Paul Baguley

    That should make it easier to locate a business to a category instead of putting into to something that is nowhere near because nothing is related.

  • Joe Simmonds

    About time! 🙂

  • Jenni Lee

    Hi Matt.!!
    This is really a great news for international business owners, Now people can easily isolate their business categories properly,
    Thanks for sharing this useful information.