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Google Photos : Picasa Web Albums

Google Photos : Picasa Web Albums

Google Flickr, oh I mean Picasa Web Albums, is live and running now in Test Mode. In order to try out the photo storage, sharing and communications tool you’ll need a Google Account and to use Picasa Web Albums at full blast, you’ll also have to download a 4.6 MB desktop client (yes, more GOOG on your Desktop).

Philipp Lessen discusses the new Google service:

After the Picasa setup – which again includes a default setting that would make Google the Internet Explorer search engine – the program will scan your computer for images. You can then browse through your PC’s images in a very good-looking, smooth interface, zoom into pictures, add descriptions, search and so on.

The biggest news however is that you can now upload specific images to your “Picasa Web Album” to make them either public or private. The available free storage is 250 MB, which isn’t quite what we’re expected from the likes of Gmail, but not too bad either.

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Google Photos : Picasa Web Albums

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