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Google Pay-Per-Action Beta a Success for Marketer

Dan London of Vibrant Orange SEM and the AdWords Editor Blog has posted a recap of his experience with the AdWords Pay-Per-Action, where advertisers only pay Google a CPA (cost per action) for a conversion.

A conversion for the site I am managing is a sign-up, and we generally use $15 as a good cost per conversion. When I first started the PPA beta, I put the amount I was willing to pay way below that amount.

Once I bumped up the amount I would be willing to pay up to $10, I started getting more and more conversions. I am willing to pay that much a CPC, since it is still well below my target cost.

I couldn’t be happier with how it is working. In fact, I have increased my daily budget for the PPA to pretty much run wide open.

I think that we will see more people cut off content network and site targeted campaigns and simply push PPA campaigns once it comes out of beta. I can control my cost per conversion and people are motivated to place my ads in good spots on their websites.

Dan also quotes that Google Pay-Per-Action is sending them a 21% conversion rate :

  • Cost:$720
  • Clicks:337
  • Impressions:371,000
  • Conversions:73
  • Conversion Rate:21%

How has your experience been with Google Pay-Per-Action? Are you seeing similar results as Dan?

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Google Pay-Per-Action Beta a Success for Marketer

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