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Google Partners Up with Bloomberg on TV Display Ads

Google Partners Up with Bloomberg on TV Display Ads

Google is expanding the scope of its TV ads platform with another partnership, this time with Bloomberg TV. This deal comes hot on the heels of a recent agreement entered into by Google with another major TV network NBC.

Said deal would bring the 24-hour operating Bloomberg TV to Google advertisers, opening an avenue that reaches over 54 million homes in the US. TV Advertisers currently reach Bloomberg TV through Dish Network inventory which is available on Google TV Ads.

The new deal would make this TV ad serving facility even more flexible, more opportunities for campaign optimization and speficic program targeting. Hence more beneficial to TV advertisers.

For Bloomberg TV, it would mean opening up their ad inventory to more advertisers who are participating in Google TV Ads. This includes advertisers who have never done any previous TV advertising campaigns.

Google says:

Through our partnerships with Dish Network, NBCU and now Bloomberg, we look forward to continuing to strengthen our platform and building a more robust television ad network for advertisers and inventory providers.

Gradually, Google is off to conquer the TV Ad spaces as well. No wonder, it is not that interested with online newspaper advertising which seems to be what Yahoo is trying to explore.

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Google Partners Up with Bloomberg on TV Display Ads

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