Google Pagerank Updates Every Day?

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Google Guy mentions daily updates. What impact will this have within the SEO world?

SEO’s worldwide could find it a little more difficult to maintain stable rankings for their customers if Google Guy is on the nose with daily PR updates on the fly from Google. You optimize your website, contact your client and give them the good news! By the time your client has looked for themselves, that day, the next day or later, their rankings have changed. Gone up, down or remained the same? A guess for all, if this is fact and not fiction. On the fly updates makes life slightly harder in those competitive arena’s where sites are changing daily as everyone tweaks, modifies and gains more links for the day or week before hand.

Your website has 100 inbound links one day, the next some of the inbound link sites have changed, so thus a chain reaction through the Internet with PR on the fly. Link to a PR5 today and tomorrow it could be a PR6 or PR4. Who knows the actual implecations until further analysis? It is an interesting lead that Google Guy has revealed. Life in the SEO world will be more surreal now than ever for the war against rankings in Google if PR daily updates are fact.

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