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Google PageRank Update This Weekend? Backlinks and PageRank Changes Reported

Google PageRank Update This Weekend? Backlinks and PageRank Changes Reported

Google seems to have updated its backlink tracking tool in the Google Webmaster Tools suite according to a conversation going on in DigitalPoint forums. Some members are reporting increases of backlinks tracked by Google, while others are saying that Google has dropped some of their historical backlinks from its tracking.

Other webmasters are reporting that Google Webmaster Tools has changed their PageRanks from PageRank 7 to PageRank 6 on internal Webmaster Tools reporting. The webmaster community has been patiently waiting for a Google PageRank update for some time, it could be on the way this weekend.

In some sites where I link dropped from PR 7 to PR 6! Maybe big Google is in the process of PR update. My blog is showing PR 4 then goes back to PR 1. Hoping that this next update give positive results to my sites!

This is interesting. I paid for links from one of the blog networks here a couple of months ago. Every link from that network has been dropped from Webmaster Tools for my site. All other backlinks still show up, and links from that network still show in a link: query on Yahoo.

I just lost over 600 backlinks, 1500 is now 876 backlinks, I have not done anything to it, my other sites seem ok though, I have seen this happen before, only temporary though.

Are Journal readers noticing these changes on your sites? Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments below as the possible Google PageRank update unfolds.

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