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Google PageRank Update & Organic Authority

Google PageRank Update & Organic Authority

Over the past day word has been spreading in SEO forums about an update to Google PageRank measurement. I started noticing PageRank floating up and down a couple of weeks ago for authority sites and popular niche blogs, especially in the Search Engine industry.

For example, the top search engine news blogs which have a loyal following and have achieved quality links from the Google Blog, Yahoo Search Blog and MSN Search Blog have all raised in PageRank. I’m thinking that based upon the other authority sites and blogs that I’ve noticed a jump in PageRank on, this is an intervertical trend.

Thus, Google seems to have expanded their differentiation between bogus links and earned links with this new update.

What are bogus links?

Examples include :

* Mass distribution of duplicate articles and press releases with the same links in them to one site

* Reciprocal link and link farm campaign

* Mass directory listing on directories which humans do not visit.

And what are earned links or organic links?

* Links from authority blogs and web communities

* Links earned from well branded and trafficked sites

* Links obtained for the influx of traffic and not trying to increase PageRank

* Links earned via news coverage offline or online : relevant content to the link may be the key. For example, actually ahving something written about your company on the same domain which is linked to you.

* Linkbaiting (the art of creating an idea or tool on your site worth linking to)

* Yellow page, local directory, user reviews, & local search marketing for brick and mortar businesses.

Have you experienced a change in PageRank? For the better or worse and what efforts would you attribute to such? Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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Google PageRank Update & Organic Authority

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