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Google PageRank of Perfect 10 – FakeRank?

Google PageRank of Perfect 10 – FakeRank?

Google PageRank, as measured by the Google toolbar for IE, updated across the board last week and one member of SearchEngineForums woke up to see that his small site now has a PageRank of 10. FreeVideoCodes_com (the username) has posted the information on the site as well as ideas for harnessing this PageRank for profit and high rankings from linking to other sites willing to pay for such ranking and optimizing his page for specific terms. Members of the board question the true value of this PageRank, saying that this may be a flaw in the Google PageRank measurement system and the real Rank should be a 0/10, not 10/10. Is this a Perfect 10 or is it FakeRank?

From the discussion: Since the major page rank update on 4/21/05 I have a new domain name that has a current Google Page Rank of 10. There is no current website at that domain name right now.

My question is, what can I do with my website using my new 10 page rank. I don’t want to sell text links because that would be downright wrong, and immoral, but I would like to use the site to possible promote another website, or design a website on that domain with the page rank.

Okay, now that my domain has a page rank of 10, if I create a simple html page with a link pointing to my main domain name using proper anchor text, will that make any significant change to my other domain name?

Or, If I simply create a 1 page website on that page rank 10 domain will it suddenly rank high on Google overnight for whatever I made that page geared towards? For example, if I use that page to create a very basic html page trying to promote a hosting business, would my one page suddenly rank high in search engine results for the term web hosting?

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Google PageRank of Perfect 10 – FakeRank?

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