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Google’s New Search Card Will Help Track Your Online Orders

google track package

A new Google search card has been spotted by Alex Chitu of Google Operating System, which allows searchers to track packages directly within the search results pages. This is different from the previous search card that would trigger when you put an actual tracking link.

Now, all you have to do is enter “track package” into the Google search bar, and search card will appear. Next, you just enter in your tracking information; Google will even be able to match that number to a specific carrier without you having to enter it in yourself. 

Chitu points out that other ways to track packages are be entering in the following commands:

  • “My packages”
  • “My purchases”
  • “My orders”

Entering in any of the above commands will render the full list of your recent purchases complete with tracking links. Of course, this is dependent upon you being signed into the Google account that is associated with the purchase. It also depends on whether or not the tracking link was included in the confirmation email of your purchase.

You can also enter in either of the following commands to have Google Display your most recent order in an expanded view

  • “Track my packages”
  • “Track my purchases”
  • “Track my orders”

At this time, the new search card appears to only be available for searches conducted in English within the United States.

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Google’s New Search Card Will Help Track Your Online Orders

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