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Google Outage on Major US ISP

Google Outage on Major US ISP

There was apparently a major (or minor, depending on how you look at it) Google outage on Tuesday which ‘blacked out’ parts of the North East US and the Comcast Online ISP.

The outage, which effected many in the Boston area, blacked out usage of all Google properties, including Gmail, Google Search and Blogspot.

“We’ve received reports that a small portion of certain Internet service providers’ users are having difficulty accessing Google services,” Google Inc. said in a statement to the press. “We are currently working with the ISPs to investigate.”

The Bostonist reports that after various calls to and misinfirmed reports by Comcast Online Customer Service agents, the following statement wassent by Comcast:

There was a hardware problem with one of our servers in Massachusetts today, which prevented a small number of customers in the area from connecting to some Web sites for a brief period of time. This was an isolated and random issue which we quickly resolved as soon as we became aware of it.

Comcast apologizes for any inconvenience this problem may have caused. Our goal is to provide a superior Internet experience for our customers, which includes being able to access all of the Web sites of their choice.

Google at the mercy of the ISP’s. Is this a preview of Net Neutrality?

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Google Outage on Major US ISP

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