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Google Optimizing Ad Sales, Creatives and Landing Pages

Google Optimizing Ad Sales, Creatives and Landing Pages

Google is taking steps with its AdWords and AdSense programs to assist advertisers in launching site targeted campaigns, help publishers sell those advertising spaces, and even optimize the advertising creatives and landing pages for the advertiser. This direction will be intended to smooth out the online ad buying and selling process while attempting to get the best return on investment for both the business advertising on Google AdWords, and the publisher selling ad space via Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is marketing its site targeting service by testing an “Advertise on this site” link in its AdSense contextually targeted advertisements. Google AdSense is currently testing this technique on Tim Carter’s Ask the Builder website. Once a user clicks through on the link in the ad, they are taken to a nifty AdWords generated site profile page with basic information on the Ask the Builder site and Google suggests to the reader to join or use AdWords to purchase advertising targeting the website.

But Google’s not stopping there. They are also planning on helping the advertiser get the most bang for their buck by creating and optimizing ad graphics and possibly even working with the advertiser to host conversion centered landing pages. Bill Slawski, of Cre8asite Forums, reviewed a recent Google Patent where Google is planning on building (and probably optimizing) ad creatives AND landing pages for their advertisers. The idea reminds me of the emphasis placed on conversion oriented grphics and landing pages by such established companies as

Bill comments : This invention is aimed at novices to advertising, and to individuals or small business owners that may not have a web presence, or may need assistance in coming up with creatives, keywords, etc.

The description of their “Advertising Generation Engine” is interesting, including the generation of a creative. I’m wondering where they will be getting their “eye catching images.” This patent application does a nice job of tying together a number of other patent applications that Google has come out with in the past couple of years.

Google’s new direction with AdWords and AdSense is a win-win situation for Google, the Advertiser, and Site Publishers – but how will it fare for the Media Buying, Graphic Creatives, and Ad Sales industries?

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Google Optimizing Ad Sales, Creatives and Landing Pages

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